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Why Eye Care?

The reasons behind Humbly I Serve’s mission to reach people through the gift of vision

We could dig deep into all the facts and statistics about visual impairment to describe why Humbly I Serve uses eye care to reach out to those in need. Statistics are great; they give us the ‘big picture’. They can provide those “WOW!” moments when used to shock a crowd. However, the problem with statistics is that, over time, those numbers become devalued to exactly that – just numbers. Although each number represents a beautiful and unique human life, it is difficult to recognize the immense value of that life in a statement such as, “An estimated 19 million children are visually impaired” (who.int). While that shocks a crowd, it can be discouraging. 19 million is a daunting number. How do you begin to help all those children?


The wonderful thing about Humbly I Serve ministries, particularly the HIS Vision project, is their love and concern for each individual bleeds into all aspects of society, specifically Haiti. Eye care may seem like one simple task, however, it is much bigger than that. The reality is that through the gift of vision and a sustainable eye clinic, Haiti’s need for education and a healthy economy can begin to be fulfilled.

One of our many memorable stories is of a young boy named Stanley* who was the son of the principal at a local Haitian school. Workers at our clinic went into the school to do a free screening and were introduced to Stanley. He was unable to study because of his poor vision, but our clinic workers were able to give him a complete checkup and a free pair of eyeglasses. Stanley’s improvement in school is just one of the many reasons why we love what we do.

What we need to understand is that eye care, education, and poverty are all interconnected. Poor eye health contributes greatly to poverty, leaving many others unable to receive proper education or uphold a job. Which then turns back towards poverty. It is a Catch 22 that many cannot escape without the help and commitment of others willing to step in to aid in this terminal situation. The HIS Vision Project is stepping in to stop the cycle.

Through our eye clinic in Cap Haitian, Haiti, officially opened May 2014, HIS Vision is battling both poor education and poverty through the gift of vision. According to American Optometric Association, roughly 80 percent of learning is done visually. You can imagine how much of an impact vision has on a student’s education. It is a ripple effect; if the student sees better with a pair of glasses, he can focus better in school, while avoiding delinquency and having a better chance of landing a job and making money.

“Poverty is a direct barrier to education. Approximately half the world’s population lives on less than $2 per day and many are too busy struggling to survive to consider education a priority” (SOURCE). Haiti is included in that $2 a day spectrum. The HIS Vision project goes beyond helping people be able to see and grant them access to eye care. We are investing in the socioeconomic growth of Haiti through the eye clinic. By both treating the locals and offering an eye care education program for them, we are creating a sustaining business model that can give Haitians the tools and education needed to build up their economy. The goal is not to provide a bandaid for the problem. HIS Vision wants to help make the future of Haiti a better place to be, and the first step is eye care.

According to Uniteforsight.org, “Poverty and blindness are believed to be intimately linked, with poverty predisposing to blindness, and blindness exacerbating poverty by limiting employment opportunities, or by incurring treatment cost… Thus, it is evident that disabilities such as blindness may not only be a result of living in poverty, but also may lead an individual or family to become impoverished. ‘Sadly, disability is both caused by poverty and causes poverty.’”

Although it may seem impossible to reverse the effects of poverty in an entire country of 10 million people, we believe that anything is possible with God on our side. The team at Humbly I Serve ministries continues to look forward and dream big!

If you would like to learn more about what we are doing throughout our local area in Virginia, please visit our previous blog, HIS Vision Project Reaches Locals Through Sponsor Sight Program.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. – Romans 8:28

*Name changed for confidentiality purposes

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HIS Vision Project Reaches Locals Through Sponsor Sight Program

Proper vision can be the deciding factor between a child getting a complete, healthy education or that same child missing out on everyday learning because s/he cannot see the board at the front of the room. The National Commission on Vision and Health states that “80 percent of learning occurs through the eyes” and “healthy eyes and vision are important to a child’s ability to succeed in school and later in life.”

Unfortunately, vision health has become a serious public health problem in the U.S. Not only are many children lacking proper eye care, but the concern for middle aged and aging adults is also rising. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), 78 percent of aging adults are affected by vision loss. “The number of blind and visually impaired people is expected to double over the next 16 years,” Brenda Heinke Montecalvo, O.D., AOA Vision Rehabilitation Section Chair, said. It seems that, despite the continuous growth of science and technology, complications with vision are actually increasing. The issue is not going away.IMG_9041

However, it is not too late to create hope and be the change! The team at HIS Vision has been reaching local people with free eye examinations and glasses through the Sponsor Sight Program (SSP) since Fall 2012. SSP was created to help impoverished families in the Lynchburg Region 2000 area receive the needed eye care that they cannot afford.

Aneesa Crowley and her two sons of Madison Heights, VA is one of many families that has benefited greatly from the Sponsor Sight Program. Before having eyeglasses, Aneesa’s son, Avrett, had a difficult time seeing the board in class. “Every time the teacher would write something on the Smartboard, I always had to get up out of my seat and then walk up to the board to write it down.”  Avrett said. He was constantly squinting, tilting his head from side to side, leaning forward and straining to get a good look at what was written on the board. His education experience was suffering. Aneesa said her boys’ classroom experience improved greatly after SSP and their passion for reading was also revamped due to proper eye care.

“Their self-esteem had improved (and) being able to be a part of the classroom atmosphere as well as participating in class. They could respond to questions that were being asked or respond to something being read on the board. I’ve seen a big improvement with them, especially as far as grades … They enjoy reading, so it’s hard to read when you can’t see.” Aneesa said.

The benefits are endless.

Qualified single parents and children are able to accept examinations for free because of people like YOU. For only $30, you can sponsor someone in need of an examination and pair of glasses. You could be the change to help with a child’s education. You could be the change for a parent looking to provide for his/her child. Whatever the circumstance, there is an ever growing number of people in need, and Humbly I Serve is looking to reduce that number. Help us reach others with vision!

To see Aneesa’s full story, to apply for the program, or for more information about becoming a sponsor, check out our website HERE.

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SECO 2015: A Privilege for HIS to Attend

The team at Humbly I Serve was honored and excited to attend the 2015 SECO event, “Where Sight Meets Vision,” March 4-8 in Atlanta, GA. We were blessed with the opportunity to share about our organization with hundreds of people. SECO International is commonly known as the “largest optometric educational meeting in the world.” For years, thousands of national and international eye care professionals, vendors, optometrists, and other ophthalmic personnel have attended the annual SECO conventions (source). Although we were just one booth among many, we were able to make connections with individuals, companies and organizations across the country.


Image taken from SECO2015.com

To sum up the event, SECO offers many educational classes (CMEs) doctors need in order to renew their license each year. Thousands of doctors come out for these courses, and we were able to meet many of them on the showroom floor, which is where our booth was located among others who were selling lenses, contact solution, machinery, etc. We were able to talk to doctors about potentially working with us at our HIS Vision clinic in Cap-Haitian, Haiti or about potentially donating frames, recycled glasses, old machines, financially, etc. Many students also came through and showed interest in our yearly trips to Haiti.

“People would walk by and I would say something like, ‘Hi! Have you ever heard of the His Vision Project?’ and then introduce them to our organization,” Lindsey, Director of Programs, said.

According to Lindsey, who spent the full four days at the event, said countless people committed to donating much-needed items such as lenses, frames, lightly-used glasses, equipment and funds to Humbly I Serve. We raised $1000 by selling our “Join the Movement” t-shirts and hand-painted canvases at the expo. Lindsey, being the outgoing, people-person she is, loved meeting and talking to new people. She was overwhelmed by the generosity of these people throughout the convention.

“It was really neat to hear doctors, students, and others be so willing to give their time and money for people they might never meet. I found it encouraging to see that all these people who don’t necessarily need to give were so eager to offer help,” she said.


Humbly I Serve was set up at booth 249 during SECO 2015.

A big thank you goes to the SECO Administration for donating the booth to us, making it possible for all these donations and connections to be made with our organization!

Thank you to Bosch + Lomb for generously donating 12 boxes of contact solution to The HIS Vision Project. (They also had a latte maker in their booth, and Ed, one of the managers, was kind enough to bring over a caramel latte to help Lindsey after witnessing her yawning!)

Thank you to everyone who supported His Vision or visited our booth during the expo. Overall, this was a wonderful opportunity to simply raise awareness about our organization. We are eternally grateful for all that God has done just during the first few months of 2015. We are incredibly eager for everything coming up in the remainder of the year!


Image taken from SECO2015.com

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Eye Ball 2015 A Big Success

Thank You to Everyone Who Gave

10422004_797223097013721_5365936291711452745_nThe HIS Vision Project is thrilled to announce that the second annual Eye Ball Masquerade Gala was a phenomenal success! With over 100 attendees and the incredible help of many volunteers, interns and organizations, we were able to raise $9,000. The generosity of our sponsors and supporters made it possible for Humbly I Serve (HIS) to be fully sustained for three months! We cannot begin to describe our excitement and gratitude for all that God has provided during the past few months of planning, fundraising, and prayer.

“The support from the local community for this event was overwhelming, uplifting and encouraging. I’m so thankful for all those that participated. The funds raised will make a difference to the lives in our community and abroad,” Melinda Wilson, CEO and Founder of HIS, said.

For those of you who do not know, The Eye Ball, which took place Friday, Feb. 13, was an exciting night filled with food, music, casual and ballroom dancing, a silent auction table, photo booth, and speaker Jessica Hodges.

Jessica is a gifted writer, wife of almost 20 years, mother of four and an interior designer. Currently, Jessica is writing a book about the adoption of her youngest son, Knox. She has a Facebook page called Walk Humbly, where she encourages others through what God has been teaching her.

We were touched to hear Jessica speak at the Eye Ball this year as she gave her testimony. She shared the journey God has taken her through the process of adopting her son and all that He has taught her.

10996041_797223630347001_590980462908667011_nJessica also expressed the importance of vision and eye care for children, as she couldn’t imagine having a child with poor vision and not being able to properly take care of him. She dove into the mission and vision behind Humbly I Serve and the importance of supporting the organization.

Along with Jessica’s testimony and the exquisite meal, the guests enjoyed a live band, dancing, or taking fun photos with props in the photo booth. We were filled with joy as we saw the enjoyment, laughter, and connections throughout the night.

Leah Seavers, one of our interns here at HIS, had the privilege of being involved in both the planning and attendance of The Eye Ball. From painting picture frames days before the event to being the event photographer, she experienced all of that hard work and preparation come to fruition the night of the ball.

“I heard everyone’s comments about how they were impressed with this year’s event, which was really encouraging to me,” Leah said.


Leah said she really enjoyed walking around to take photographs and watch the guests and couples mingle. Seeing as it was one day before Valentine’s Day, there was no better time to host a Gala for all those lovely couples looking for a new way to spend the holiday. Although there were many aspects to the evening that contributed to the overall entertainment, Leah said her favorite part was watching guests get into the photo booth to take silly pictures with their friends and loved ones.

The team here at Humbly I Serve is thankful for the opportunity to raise money and reach people for the cause of Jesus Christ all while having fun.

A big Thank You goes to Harman Eye Center, Seckman Printing, Grinnin’ Booth, Financial Advisor Jeff Boyer, Gaudium Photography, and Boonsboro Country Club.

“Providing eye care to needy residents of Central and Southside Virginia has always been extremely important at Harman Eye Center and Eye Surgery Center of Central Virginia,” Mary Harman, Administrator, said. “We are very happy to once again support the HIS Vision Project to benefit others in need of eye care.”


Also, a special Thank You to the generosity of local businesses who put together the silent auctions. Without all of our sponsors, this event could not have been a reality! We look forward to seeing you all again at next year’s Eye Ball! You can see our Facebook page for more photos of the event.

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Moving Haiti Forward

A quick look into the intricate life of Dr. Jeff Losier

There are 196 countries around the globe. Billions of people simultaneously going about their day; trillions of dollars being spent; thousands upon thousands of miles being traveled. When compared to the rest of the world, Haiti is quite small. Located in the Caribbean, Haiti is home to 10 million people, but the size of Haiti does not prevent it from undergoing severe poverty. The lack of work is so prominent that the average Haitian lives on about $2 per day.

Born and raised in Haiti, Dr. Dieufene Losier, Dr. Jeff for short, a member and doctor of the HIS Vision team, understands first hand the poverty and brokenness of the small country. He sees the dire need for doctors and medical help. “They could go blind and (not be able) to do anything about it,” Dr. Losier said. With less than 60 doctors to cover the entire country, too many natives are not getting the proper eye care needed. However, that is not stopping Dr. Losier from creating change and helping the country move forward.


Although he was brought up in Haiti, Dr. Losier studied medicine in the Dominican Republic for seven years. His love for his home country was evident as he visited home as much as he could during those seven years. “I always went back to my country every time I vacationed while I was studying,” he said. Dr. Losier began volunteering with Humbly I Serve in 2012 and has not looked back since, he only looks forward. He has been working in our clinic in Cap Haitian for a few years.

“My dream is to be a surgeon,” he expressed excitedly.

Dr. Losier is currently studying in Lynchburg, VA to learn even more about eye care in order to take his knowledge and service back to Haiti. He considers himself “just a general doctor,” but he is ready to take the next step and eventually become a surgeon. However, his passion for eye care goes far beyond what he can do alone. He dreams of a day where the entire country will have access to proper eye care, not just in Cap Haitian. His desire is to have more natives, like him, trained to run clinics, provide good service to haitians and to see young people get a better education. “This is the way… to create a sustainable clinic.”

Dr. Losier already sees the impact HIS Vision is having on the area and knows that people are travelling long distances to get to the clinic. “Many people are trusting and coming so far to find (this) service and that makes me happy. The best way to make me happy is to see other people happy.” It excites him knowing that patients are travelling from all over the country because they will go back and talk about the clinic to other people. Dr. Losier described how word-of-mouth will be the best way to spread the word of HIS Vision’s clinic and the changes happening there.


Although Dr. Losier has already come so far with Humbly I Serve, he is still looking forward. He will not settle and will not stop until he sees the correct and proper changes happen in Haiti. For just one man, Dr. Losier is clearly making a great difference.

“This is my life. I’m ready to go forward with my studies to do better and to learn better. I will keep moving forward.”

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Kingdom Mindset

I grew up in a family of eye care professionals: from general managers to opticians to surgery technicians to lab managers. I’ve always been surrounded by eye care. I naturally fell into eye care and when I was looking for somewhere to serve last spring I stumbled upon HIS Vision. The Lord has a funny way of taking something you know and mixing it with passions He has put in your heart to do something great for His kingdom. For me, that was the knowledge of eye care and my passion for missions and serving those around me. This made HIS Vision the absolute best place for me to serve.

Throughout my internship I have connected with frame and lens manufacturers, optician and optometry schools, and with local K-12 schools. One of the things that has consumed my internship is school screenings. This is where volunteers go into schools and check the visual acuities, color blindness, depth perception, and eye muscles of students. While I was nervous at first I could not be more grateful for having the privilege of interacting with hundreds of kids this semester. The school screening process is quick and time with each child is limited, but soon I saw how impactful I could be in such a short amount of time.

Colossians 3:17 says, “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.” In every second spent in a school, where restrictions are placed on what you can and cannot say, you have tomyblog be intentional about what you are doing and how you are helping each child. If that is taking some extra time helping them learn shapes for the visual tests or tying their shoe because someone else couldn’t take a second to do so, the little things like this can mean so much to one child. The Lord has taught me throughout this internship to be intentional in making every second of work count for Him. I may be sending an email or driving to Bedford at seven in the morning, but those seconds count because he has entrusted me with them. When we choose to live our lives like Colossians 3:17 every second counts. When your motivation is doing everything in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, your perspective flips so quickly into a kingdom mindset. This internship has shown me how to have a kingdom mindset in every second of every day and every letter of every email.

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Opportunities For Eye Care Professionals In Haiti!

I was lucky enough to join the October 2014 HIS Vision team at the last minute.  I’m so glad I had the opportunity to contribute to the mission of this amazing organization.  HIS Vision is a unique opportunity for eye care professionals in that an established clinic has been opened in a community outside of Cap-Haitien, Haiti.  Often times, overseas opportunities for eye care professionals do not involve an established clinic, but rather mobile clinics that set up when professionals are available and therefore, continuity of care is difficult.  With HIS Vision, in addition to treating patients, eye care professionals (administrators, opticians, technicians and doctors) are able to contribute to the development of a clinic that is staffed year round by Haitian eye care professionals.

While I was in Haiti vision screenings were performed at schools surrounding the clinic.  At one of those screenings a 10-year-old boy was referred to the HIS Vision clinic for his first eye examination.  It was at that examination I found his glasses prescription to be -7.00 in the right eye and -10.00 in the left eye.  His normal view of the world was a blurry one.  The clinic was able to provide this young boy with recycled glasses close to his prescription and he was able to leave the clinic seeing clearly for the first time.  It’s hard to believe that there’s a country located so close to the United States where people have little to no access to what Americans would consider basic medical care.photo-1

Here is a picture of kids at an orphanage located near the clinic – because of HIS Vision they will be able to receive a vision screening and referral to the clinic if needed. They too might have a blurry view of the world and now an opportunity to see more clearly because of the work of HIS Vision.

Haiti was an amazing experience.  I would encourage any eye care professional to think about donating their time and talent to HIS Vision and the work they are doing in Haiti.  It’s difficult to travel to a third world country and not have your life changed.  My perspective on life changed as a result of my travels and I hope others consider taking advantage of this unique and worthwhile opportunity.

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Third Annual Golf Tournament


We are thrilled to announce HIS Vision’s Third Annual Golf Tournament, to take place September 26, 2014!

This is an exciting time for Humbly I Serve and the HIS Vision Project, as we embrace the local community, as well as our neighbors among the nations. All proceeds of this event will go towards providing eye care to those in need as a means for education and to eradicate poverty.

The tournament will take place at Ivy Hill Golf Course in Forest, VA. Tee time will be at 12:30 pm following lunch at 11:30 am. Cost is $75 per person, or $300 per team of four.

HIS Vision is a project of Humbly I Serve that is dedicated to helping children and young adults see a brighter future through eye examinations, medical treatment, and prescription glasses.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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Help Local Children See a Brighter Future

Help Local Children See a Brighter Future

The Sponsor Sight program is a unique opportunity that allows children who have no means of affording regular eye care the chance to do so by contributable donations and us working with our partner providers. Simply put, someone donates $30 to help a child in need, and this money gets partnered up with a child, who then receives care from the doctors we work alongside, and a child is able to see better.

This is a cheap alternative for those who can’t afford eye care for their children, and can also help prevent misdiagnosis of other problems such as ADD, when really the child has been struggling to see. This can lead to children receiving better education because they can see the board in class and be able to read properly.

This is just one easy, affordable way that we can all come together to help aid in our local Lynchburg community. Will you be part of the change?

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One Small, Crucial Step

One Small, Crucial Step

It is so great to see the progress that has been made, since the first talks of opening an eye clinic in Haiti, to it becoming a reality. As we start operations, another need presents itself, and that is the funding of salaries for the five members who will be working in the clinic for the first six months. The total amount needed is $25,000, which will pay the wages for the employees for these starting months until the clinic becomes self-sustaining. This is but one small step in delivering the crucial care that these Haitians need more than ever. Join us as we help change the lives of these people.

Donate today!