HIS Vision

Moving Haiti Forward

A quick look into the intricate life of Dr. Jeff Losier

There are 196 countries around the globe. Billions of people simultaneously going about their day; trillions of dollars being spent; thousands upon thousands of miles being traveled. When compared to the rest of the world, Haiti is quite small. Located in the Caribbean, Haiti is home to 10 million people, but the size of Haiti does not prevent it from undergoing severe poverty. The lack of work is so prominent that the average Haitian lives on about $2 per day.

Born and raised in Haiti, Dr. Dieufene Losier, Dr. Jeff for short, a member and doctor of the HIS Vision team, understands first hand the poverty and brokenness of the small country. He sees the dire need for doctors and medical help. “They could go blind and (not be able) to do anything about it,” Dr. Losier said. With less than 60 doctors to cover the entire country, too many natives are not getting the proper eye care needed. However, that is not stopping Dr. Losier from creating change and helping the country move forward.


Although he was brought up in Haiti, Dr. Losier studied medicine in the Dominican Republic for seven years. His love for his home country was evident as he visited home as much as he could during those seven years. “I always went back to my country every time I vacationed while I was studying,” he said. Dr. Losier began volunteering with Humbly I Serve in 2012 and has not looked back since, he only looks forward. He has been working in our clinic in Cap Haitian for a few years.

“My dream is to be a surgeon,” he expressed excitedly.

Dr. Losier is currently studying in Lynchburg, VA to learn even more about eye care in order to take his knowledge and service back to Haiti. He considers himself “just a general doctor,” but he is ready to take the next step and eventually become a surgeon. However, his passion for eye care goes far beyond what he can do alone. He dreams of a day where the entire country will have access to proper eye care, not just in Cap Haitian. His desire is to have more natives, like him, trained to run clinics, provide good service to haitians and to see young people get a better education. “This is the way… to create a sustainable clinic.”

Dr. Losier already sees the impact HIS Vision is having on the area and knows that people are travelling long distances to get to the clinic. “Many people are trusting and coming so far to find (this) service and that makes me happy. The best way to make me happy is to see other people happy.” It excites him knowing that patients are travelling from all over the country because they will go back and talk about the clinic to other people. Dr. Losier described how word-of-mouth will be the best way to spread the word of HIS Vision’s clinic and the changes happening there.


Although Dr. Losier has already come so far with Humbly I Serve, he is still looking forward. He will not settle and will not stop until he sees the correct and proper changes happen in Haiti. For just one man, Dr. Losier is clearly making a great difference.

“This is my life. I’m ready to go forward with my studies to do better and to learn better. I will keep moving forward.”