Faithfully Serving Because God Faithfully Gives

The last several weeks of interning at Humbly I Serve had a very beneficial impact in my life. I have learned more about the non-profit side of the business world and how to interact with donors and gain financial support. Through the means, it has shown the faitJoelhfulness of God by how He continually meets all the varying needs that Humbly I Serve encounters. Also, I have been able to gain more work experience in the real world while continuing to develop more business skills through accounting programs and donor relations.

The volunteers and staff have also been quite a blessing in my life. I get to be surrounded by people that are willing to give their time and effort to help a cause without expecting any payment or monetary return for their efforts. The brothers and sisters that I get to work with continue to motivate me to try and live selflessly in the same way as Christ did while on this earth. God desires us to live in a way that reflects His love and mercy, and I strongly feel that the cause of Humbly I Serve coincides with that. Through volunteering I am able to contribute not only to helping meet people’s physical needs, but more importantly reach out to their spiritual needs and point them towards Christ.