Gold Mine of Experience

“Interning at Humbly I Serve over the past few months has been a gold mine of Eliasexperience. I came in with no idea as to what working in the real world would be like, just a few expectations. I expected there to be some training and easing into the workforce. I didn’t realize that was what four years of college was for. I was given projects to handle from day one and I enjoyed the responsibility and trust that this organization put on you. Everyone is working hard immediately to make a difference in lives everywhere; therefore, every single task at Humbly I Serve has great value to it.

In the first week I gained so much experience in various reaches of Humbly I Serve. I had done editing and been part of planning a new program; I had to reach out to over 80 different schools and represent the organization. I helped the organization set up stands and sell sunglasses to raise funds. All these tasks have helped me learn assessing and planning skills, communication and administration skills. At the end of the day what I’ve realized is that I come to my new family where we stop and pray together, laugh and spend time working with our different personalities and talents to bring eyesight to the people around us.”

– Elias David, Health Promotion Fall 2014 Intern