HIS Vision

Kingdom Mindset

I grew up in a family of eye care professionals: from general managers to opticians to surgery technicians to lab managers. I’ve always been surrounded by eye care. I naturally fell into eye care and when I was looking for somewhere to serve last spring I stumbled upon HIS Vision. The Lord has a funny way of taking something you know and mixing it with passions He has put in your heart to do something great for His kingdom. For me, that was the knowledge of eye care and my passion for missions and serving those around me. This made HIS Vision the absolute best place for me to serve.

Throughout my internship I have connected with frame and lens manufacturers, optician and optometry schools, and with local K-12 schools. One of the things that has consumed my internship is school screenings. This is where volunteers go into schools and check the visual acuities, color blindness, depth perception, and eye muscles of students. While I was nervous at first I could not be more grateful for having the privilege of interacting with hundreds of kids this semester. The school screening process is quick and time with each child is limited, but soon I saw how impactful I could be in such a short amount of time.

Colossians 3:17 says, “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.” In every second spent in a school, where restrictions are placed on what you can and cannot say, you have tomyblog be intentional about what you are doing and how you are helping each child. If that is taking some extra time helping them learn shapes for the visual tests or tying their shoe because someone else couldn’t take a second to do so, the little things like this can mean so much to one child. The Lord has taught me throughout this internship to be intentional in making every second of work count for Him. I may be sending an email or driving to Bedford at seven in the morning, but those seconds count because he has entrusted me with them. When we choose to live our lives like Colossians 3:17 every second counts. When your motivation is doing everything in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, your perspective flips so quickly into a kingdom mindset. This internship has shown me how to have a kingdom mindset in every second of every day and every letter of every email.

HIS Vision

Opportunities For Eye Care Professionals In Haiti!

I was lucky enough to join the October 2014 HIS Vision team at the last minute.  I’m so glad I had the opportunity to contribute to the mission of this amazing organization.  HIS Vision is a unique opportunity for eye care professionals in that an established clinic has been opened in a community outside of Cap-Haitien, Haiti.  Often times, overseas opportunities for eye care professionals do not involve an established clinic, but rather mobile clinics that set up when professionals are available and therefore, continuity of care is difficult.  With HIS Vision, in addition to treating patients, eye care professionals (administrators, opticians, technicians and doctors) are able to contribute to the development of a clinic that is staffed year round by Haitian eye care professionals.

While I was in Haiti vision screenings were performed at schools surrounding the clinic.  At one of those screenings a 10-year-old boy was referred to the HIS Vision clinic for his first eye examination.  It was at that examination I found his glasses prescription to be -7.00 in the right eye and -10.00 in the left eye.  His normal view of the world was a blurry one.  The clinic was able to provide this young boy with recycled glasses close to his prescription and he was able to leave the clinic seeing clearly for the first time.  It’s hard to believe that there’s a country located so close to the United States where people have little to no access to what Americans would consider basic medical care.photo-1

Here is a picture of kids at an orphanage located near the clinic – because of HIS Vision they will be able to receive a vision screening and referral to the clinic if needed. They too might have a blurry view of the world and now an opportunity to see more clearly because of the work of HIS Vision.

Haiti was an amazing experience.  I would encourage any eye care professional to think about donating their time and talent to HIS Vision and the work they are doing in Haiti.  It’s difficult to travel to a third world country and not have your life changed.  My perspective on life changed as a result of my travels and I hope others consider taking advantage of this unique and worthwhile opportunity.


Faithfully Serving Because God Faithfully Gives

The last several weeks of interning at Humbly I Serve had a very beneficial impact in my life. I have learned more about the non-profit side of the business world and how to interact with donors and gain financial support. Through the means, it has shown the faitJoelhfulness of God by how He continually meets all the varying needs that Humbly I Serve encounters. Also, I have been able to gain more work experience in the real world while continuing to develop more business skills through accounting programs and donor relations.

The volunteers and staff have also been quite a blessing in my life. I get to be surrounded by people that are willing to give their time and effort to help a cause without expecting any payment or monetary return for their efforts. The brothers and sisters that I get to work with continue to motivate me to try and live selflessly in the same way as Christ did while on this earth. God desires us to live in a way that reflects His love and mercy, and I strongly feel that the cause of Humbly I Serve coincides with that. Through volunteering I am able to contribute not only to helping meet people’s physical needs, but more importantly reach out to their spiritual needs and point them towards Christ.


Gold Mine of Experience

“Interning at Humbly I Serve over the past few months has been a gold mine of Eliasexperience. I came in with no idea as to what working in the real world would be like, just a few expectations. I expected there to be some training and easing into the workforce. I didn’t realize that was what four years of college was for. I was given projects to handle from day one and I enjoyed the responsibility and trust that this organization put on you. Everyone is working hard immediately to make a difference in lives everywhere; therefore, every single task at Humbly I Serve has great value to it.

In the first week I gained so much experience in various reaches of Humbly I Serve. I had done editing and been part of planning a new program; I had to reach out to over 80 different schools and represent the organization. I helped the organization set up stands and sell sunglasses to raise funds. All these tasks have helped me learn assessing and planning skills, communication and administration skills. At the end of the day what I’ve realized is that I come to my new family where we stop and pray together, laugh and spend time working with our different personalities and talents to bring eyesight to the people around us.”

– Elias David, Health Promotion Fall 2014 Intern


HIS Vision Project Long Term Scholarship Information – Deadline Extended

HIS Vision Project Long Term Scholarship Information

Cover Letter and Resumes should be emailed to info@hisvisionproject.com, no later than December 5th 2014.

The HIS Vision Project is excited to offer a new scholarship opportunity! Due to a generous donation, one individual will be given the chance to serve in Cap Haitien, Haiti with a scholarship covering expenses*.

This individual will participate in the following:

  • Assist HIS clinic staff in identifying key community partners in and around Cap Haitien for the purpose of developing a strong health network.
  • Partner with HIS Vision staff to continue development of an outreach program providing education and resources necessary to effectively and systematically follow up with clinic patients to ensure they receive the medical/vision care needed.
  • Help facilitate/plan health promotion classes within the HIS Vision and Medical Center.
  • Participate in marketing events or meetings for the HIS Vision and Medical Center.
  • Complete blog posts and additional marketing items, as needed.IMG_8260
  • Lead a daily devotional with the HIS Vision and Medical Center Staff.
  • Further the clinic Doctor’s training as well as the clinic Optician. (If applicable)
  • Assist and perform eye screenings throughout Haiti to refer patients to the clinic.

Please Note: Other duties may be assigned, based off applicant’s specific skills and background.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Ability to serve in Haiti for 4 – 6 weeks beginning in either January 2015, February 2015. March 2015, April 2015.
  • Flexible and positive attitudeIMG_1178
  • Previous abroad travel experience, preferably to a third world country
  • Leadership or management experience is preferred, although not required
  • Ability to receive training in basic eye care, if not previously trained
  • Availability to Skype the CEO/Director for training
  • Availability to conduct phone meetings in preparation for travel

Educational Requirements: (All levels listed may apply)

  • Senior Year in Undergrad, with a focus on: Health Promotions, Business or Pre-med
  • Pursuing a Masters of Health, MBA, Medical School, Optometry School, or Optician license
  • Practicing Medical Professional (OD, MD, DO, PA)
  • Ophthalmic Technician
  • Licensed Optician
  • Office Manager with 10+ years experience in an eye care practice

Application Process:

Send in your resume and cover letter to info@hisvisionproject.com expressing why you would like to work with the HIS Vision Project and what makes you the best applicant for this opportunity. This must be received via e-mail by Monday, November 10.

If invited to interview, the applicant must provide the following information:  

1.  A personal statement of Faith (A least two paragraphs)

2. Three Letters of Reference including:
– An example of the applicant’s leadership and management ability
– An example of how the applicant is not afraid to take initiative
– How the applicant demonstrates their faith daily
– How the applicant has overcome a hardship or challenge
– Any travel experience (if applicable)

3. HIS Vision Long Term Application

If selected for an interview:

Interview via phone or Skype with our Director and/or CEO
– Possible interview with Board or Directors
– HIS Vision S.H.A.P.E Profile must be completed
– Passport and Photo ID

Applicants will be selected no later than Friday, Dec. 19 2014. 

*Scholarship Includes:IMG_3150

– Out of country flight airfare
– In country lodging and food
– Travel Insurance
– In country transportation

Financial Responsibilities of the Applicant:

– Meals when traveling to Haiti
– Personal Items (souvenir, going out to dinner in country, etc.)
– Extra Activities in Haiti (tourist attractions, sight-seeing, etc.)