Shy little laugh

A shy little laugh filled our hearts with joy, as Maritsa, only a year into life gazed hard at our white faces. We had made a pit stop at Dr. Wesley’s sister, Josiani’s quaint little apartment in the busy and crowded town of Cap-Haitien. This happened over the weekend, and the thought of precious little Maritsa growing up with a future filled with possibilities has been a pleasant and warm thought.cropped-img_0297_zps2a690a1c.jpg

Currently, Haitian worship music is filling the clinic; the heat of the island is setting in, and the day is finding its rhythm as people come and go. There is distant chatter in the room beside me of the staff with patients. Josiani has come in to make copies of charts on the copier sitting beside me. The day started early for everyone at the HIS Vision Clinic, and a handful of patients have already been able to be seen. The staff here have seen their fifth patient of the day, and it is not even ten o’clock yet.

The staff at the IMG_8911HIS Vision clinic are local Haitians; people who have a heart for the country of Haiti and its people, not because they heard the latest news through the TV, or the Internet, or even on the radio, but because they have lived among the poverty for themselves. They have seen the need firsthand. They know everything from the corruption, to the simple joys of life for the Haitian people. They want to see their country grow and develop for the sake of their future, their children’s future, and their children’s children’s future.

Having adequate eye care in the country of Haiti opens doors for all kinds of opportunities. For people to see, they are able to not only read and write, but also have a job, drive, create, and know deeper about The Creator. The practical steps that the HIS Vision Project is taking in Haiti are leading to a greater purpose than what can readily be seen, a purpose that gives little Maritsa, and so many others a hopeful future.

– Hannah