Optician Needed for Training At Clinic in Haiti

It’s truly incredible to look back at the idea of starting an eye clinic in Haiti, and seeing how God has worked through a few short years to bring it to a reality. His Vision celebrated the opening of the clinic back in May, and things have been growing and we are excited! The dedication and willingness of our staff has been a great blessing to us. One of our opticians in Haiti, Edmund, is very eager to begin learning and start training on the horizon II edger, but is need of an optician to come train him.

Although the trip will include cost, we would appreciate any volunteers who would be willing to go anywhere from one week, up to a month. His Vision will provide housing and transportation while in Haiti. Your willingness to volunteer does not go unnoticed.

The people in Haiti are in need of optical care, and by providing your teaching and support, many lives will be changed. This will bring us a step closer to having a truly sustainable clinic in Haiti. Visit us at www.hisvisionproject.com for more information.