A post by one of our junior counselors – Kristina

St. Thomas was a great experience. On this trip, I saw the Lord equip me with a servants heart. I have always loved serving, but I liked serving in easy ways, like teaching Sunday school or helping someone if they dropped their books. In st. Thomas I got the opportunity to be a servant in a new and different way. I assisted with the cooking and cleaning and honestly I think some of my favorite moments occurred in the kitchen. I also enjoyed building relationships with the children there. Those10387487_763493620338701_7265800361983492697_n kids are amazing, I had so much fun talking, laughing, dancing and singing with them.

In St. Thomas God completely brought me out of my comfort zone and I am so thankful he did! Specifically one area the Lord brought me out of my comfort zone, was helping to lead worship in VBS. I don’t usually dance, I have no rhythm and I’m sort of clumsy, so when Mia asked me to help lead worship with dance and motions, my first response was NO! Then I felt like God was telling me he wanted me to try something new and help lead other to praise Him through worship and dance. So I did. God didn’t magically give me rhythmic ability, but he helped me feel confident and focus my thoughts on spending time with the kids doing what they love; worshiping the Lord through song and dance!

I really enjoyed all of my experience in St. Thomas. It was amazing! I miss those kids and I’m really hoping I can go back!!