The changing impacts that come from Summer camp – Kyle

I’m lucky enough to have spent my last two summers in St. Thomas working with Humbly I Serve. My second summer as a counselor was just as amazing as my first. I was able to build on relationships I had developed the year before and create a stronger bond with the campers. Camp is my favorite part of the year.

     As soon as I left St. Thomas last summer I began counting down the days until I returned. When my plane landed back on the island this summer I was greeted with endless hugs and “I missed ya mon”.

     Working with these kids is the greatest joy I have ever known. It’s an incredible feeling when you find the reason for which you were created. One of my favorite camp moments was a cabin devotion I was able to have with my campers. It was one of those conversations that are completely unexpected but so memorable.

     The girls in my cabin were between the ages of 11-13, just at the stage when temptation really begins to take hold. I heard girl after girl say that they were already ashamed of their appearance because it did not look like a girl from a magazine. This broke my heart. These girls then began to tell me that they HAD to dress provocatively, flirt and throw themselves at boys to get noticed. I could not handle it. This conversation made me realize why I come to St. Thomas; it is because these girls need to feel like they are valued for more than their appearance and learn that their value is found in the Lord.

     I have met some of the most amazing people I have ever known while in St Thomas, and most of them are under 17 years old. The kids crave to play and be loved. The cool thing about these kids is that after about 20 minutes they are your best friend and climbing all over you. These island children of St. Thomas are crazy, but that is what makes them so great; they don’t hold back and treat you like a new acquaintance. You are immediately family and the bonding does not end when your plane leaves the island. My phone lights up every single day with texts, pictures and even Skype calls from St. Thomas.


Jasmine’s reflection of her internship with Humbly I Serve

This has been the best internship I could have possibly imagined. Not only did I learn a lot about myself, I learned a lot of skills that I can use in my future career.

     I learned tons of office skills; from learning how to politely answer the phone, coordinating meetings, scheduling appointments to learning how to perform a basic eye screening.  I learned how to operate the scanner! That was huge for me because I am technologically challenged…if that is a thing.

     I loved that we got together twice a day to pray.  This helped me in my spiritual walk with God, but it was also a great time to get together with other interns and connect with them and see how God was using them.  During this time, we also got to socialize with our supervisor and also learn about them.

     Haley and Melinda were wonderful! Haley gave us all our duties and her office was open to us for questions and suggestions. She gave us encouragement as well as constructive criticism on our work. This helped me grow and develop skills like communication, advertising, and time management that I know I will use daily.

     Melinda’s heart for people easily rubs off on you.  It is really hard to work around amazing people who dedicate their lives to live a life of service to others and not be moved or compelled to change your own life a little. I hope that I am able to make a difference in other people’s lives as well, through my work and as I continually try to live a life of service to others.



A post by one of our junior counselors – Kristina

St. Thomas was a great experience. On this trip, I saw the Lord equip me with a servants heart. I have always loved serving, but I liked serving in easy ways, like teaching Sunday school or helping someone if they dropped their books. In st. Thomas I got the opportunity to be a servant in a new and different way. I assisted with the cooking and cleaning and honestly I think some of my favorite moments occurred in the kitchen. I also enjoyed building relationships with the children there. Those10387487_763493620338701_7265800361983492697_n kids are amazing, I had so much fun talking, laughing, dancing and singing with them.

In St. Thomas God completely brought me out of my comfort zone and I am so thankful he did! Specifically one area the Lord brought me out of my comfort zone, was helping to lead worship in VBS. I don’t usually dance, I have no rhythm and I’m sort of clumsy, so when Mia asked me to help lead worship with dance and motions, my first response was NO! Then I felt like God was telling me he wanted me to try something new and help lead other to praise Him through worship and dance. So I did. God didn’t magically give me rhythmic ability, but he helped me feel confident and focus my thoughts on spending time with the kids doing what they love; worshiping the Lord through song and dance!

I really enjoyed all of my experience in St. Thomas. It was amazing! I miss those kids and I’m really hoping I can go back!!


Discover, Decide and Defend… a quick glance at week 1 of camp!

Hyped kids, Dynamic songs, Undeniable Truth. All this and more could describe Seaside Adventures camp this year. My name is Ayishih Bellew and I was born and bred on The island of St. Thomas. I currently serve as the children’s church director for the Grace Baptist Church in Estate Fortuna, St. Thomas, USVI. This year every day in the evenings, I taught the lesson for the youngest of the campers.10520428_763497540338309_4027537484919866309_n

The first week we did a stellar life way VBS curriculum that guided all of the campers through the evidence of Jesus’ identity, His death and resurrection. We all became agents and pledged to defend the gospel and it’s truth. The kids were given the testimony of eye witnesses to point and prove that Jesus was more than just a man. Truly important lessons to cover because even here on this small island, there is objection to the truth of Jesus’ divinity.

Discover, Decide and Defend was the motto and many of the kids did make a decision to trust Christ this week. Will they defend their beliefs? Judging from their overwhelming attentiveness during the sessions I am certain they will recall throughout the year the evidence from the Word that Jesus really died and Jesus is ALIVE!




It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later

Hey all, we have officially made it back to Arizona. We had two very full days of travel and not a lot of sleep making it back home. It also left a lot of time to sit and reminisce on the month that we spent in a beautiful country surrounded by beautiful people. What an amazing time that we were able to spend with each other in community and love as brothers and sisters in Christ. While there, we were able to witness the Word in action. It was an amazing experience to spend time loving and serving the Haitian people. Although our mission was to love and serve, it was us that were loved and served. It was a blessing to get to know Dr. Wesly, Dr. Losier, and everyone else working in the clinic.

Many goals were accomplished while we were there such as training, maintenance, and planning for long term operations and communication. Although a lot was accomplished, there is still work to be done.

Leigha and I decided before we left for Haiti that our main goal was to love the Haitian people as Jesus called us to love. As plainly as the Bible puts it…”love is the fulfillment of the law.” We wanted to be very intentional with our time in loving the Haitian people. Although there are many problems culturally with Haiti (as most Haitians can attest to), it is not our responsibility or even within our power to change them. It is only the Holy Spirit within them that can proIMG_3150duce true, fruitful change. As we spent our days in the clinic and in the surrounding areas, we found many opportunities to love the Haitian people, especially the doctors and everyone working in the clinic. We also found a soothing opportunity to be loved by the Haitian people. Being able to spend a month in community with the doctors and other people allowed a great opportunity to experience the love of Jesus and what He meant when He said ‘God is love.’

I think everyone should see how they can serve and love just as Jesus did. HIS Vision could use people with optometry backgrounds, business management backgrounds, or maybe just a simple construction and maintenance background, like me. There is a job for all of us in the Kingdom of God. It just so happens this is where God sent us at the time, to love and serve.

“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.  If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?  Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” -1 John 3:16-18

This will be our last blog and we hope that through reading our story, in someway, we have inspired you to serve as the Lord did. We thank you for taking the time to support us in love and prayer while we were there. We encourage you to go and see for yourself what it is all about and pray that through our experience you are motivated to have one of your own. Thank you again for your love and support and we will continue to pray for you as you take your next steps in your walk with Christ. We pray that you would allow Him to guide your footsteps and that you take them in faith.

If you have any questions about opportunities with HIS Vision, please email info@hisvisionproject.com.