Trips with Student VOSH

Trips with Student VOSH

The Student VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) groups are excited and willing to come on board to support the HIS Vision Project as we continue through this transitional process into our new clinic! We are looking for licensed Opticians to come alongside to help teach them the profession. These VOSH students are currently planning trips for November and December of 2014, and need Optometrists who are willing to raise their funds and make a difference not only in the lives of these students, but especially to the people of Haiti. The people of Haiti are in dire need of proper vision care, which can drastically alter their way of life.

-Melinda Wilson, ABOC

HIS Vision

Third Annual Golf Tournament


We are thrilled to announce HIS Vision’s Third Annual Golf Tournament, to take place September 26, 2014!

This is an exciting time for Humbly I Serve and the HIS Vision Project, as we embrace the local community, as well as our neighbors among the nations. All proceeds of this event will go towards providing eye care to those in need as a means for education and to eradicate poverty.

The tournament will take place at Ivy Hill Golf Course in Forest, VA. Tee time will be at 12:30 pm following lunch at 11:30 am. Cost is $75 per person, or $300 per team of four.

HIS Vision is a project of Humbly I Serve that is dedicated to helping children and young adults see a brighter future through eye examinations, medical treatment, and prescription glasses.

We can’t wait to see you there!



HIS Vision
Email: haley@hisvisionproject.com
Telephone: (434)-239-0081
Date: May 29th, 2014


After months of planning and hard work, HIS vision is proud to announce that their eye clinic in Haiti is open and operational as of May 17th, 2014. The eye clinic, which is located in Cap Haitien, Haiti, offers a wide variety of optometry services for people, such as eye exams and treatment of eye injuries or diseases.

“The grand opening was very exciting and a blessing,” CEO, Melinda Wilson said. “A blessing not only to us, but to the people of Haiti.” Although the opening of the eye clinic is a huge accomplishment, HIS Vision continues to look forward to development and growth so that the clinic can offer more services to Haiti.

For Wilson, the most rewarding moment of her trip was the opening ceremony. “It was amazing; it was real,” Wilson recounts. “Receiving our first patients as an actual clinic was quite overwhelming…overwhelming in work, but also overwhelming with joy.”

According to the World Health Organization, one of the least expensive and most effective ways of fighting poverty is through the development of eye care. This is a fact that Wilson has truly taken to heart.

“It was exhilarating to be a part of something that could make a difference as far as poverty goes. We’re not only helping with visual needs, but we’re helping spiritually, and we feel that makes the most difference in the long run,” Wilson Said.


HIS Vision

Help Local Children See a Brighter Future

Help Local Children See a Brighter Future

The Sponsor Sight program is a unique opportunity that allows children who have no means of affording regular eye care the chance to do so by contributable donations and us working with our partner providers. Simply put, someone donates $30 to help a child in need, and this money gets partnered up with a child, who then receives care from the doctors we work alongside, and a child is able to see better.

This is a cheap alternative for those who can’t afford eye care for their children, and can also help prevent misdiagnosis of other problems such as ADD, when really the child has been struggling to see. This can lead to children receiving better education because they can see the board in class and be able to read properly.

This is just one easy, affordable way that we can all come together to help aid in our local Lynchburg community. Will you be part of the change?