Feeling Like Sharing Today

A post from our Founder/CEO Melinda Wilson

“Feeling like sharing today…..

Over 30 years ago my family was packed, had a great tough truck, financially funded and ready to serve the Lord in Haiti. My mom just told me that my brother Todd Bellew was almost Haitian not a Trinidadian! (-: All that planning and preparing and only to find out that the Visa was denied for our entry. Looking back we can see that God’s way was the best!

Scrolling forward to present (well 2012), the Lord clearly opened doors in Haiti for me. Being a hypochondriac, I was not excited! However, once I landed in Haiti and literally witnessed the Lord opening doors to minister and meet needs there my fears quickly dissipated. God gave me such a peace.

What’s even more amazing to me is that what God was calling me to help provide, I had never planned for my life. Eye care? First of all, when I met my husband I had never even heard of an Optometrist. That could be due to the fact that I was raised in the caribbean that had little to no access to eye care. Well being the good and supportive wife that I am, I had quickly became interested in eye care and even became a licensed Optician. I began to love helping people see and even more helping educate people about the need for proper eye care.

Unlike my parents or our family’s situation those 30 years ago, God provided a way into Haiti for me. However, all the funding, vehicle needs and details were not clear. And several things are still not clear. What is clear is that God has called me to complete a task that is much bigger than I can accomplish. Exactly how that will all work out? I am not sure but I am trusting in Him each and everyday! There are times when I feel so discouraged and wonder why am I even doing this. It can’t be done. God lifts me up and I continue to move forward in faith. I am willing to move or let God move through me.

Don’t miss out on something God is calling you to do even if it seems ridiculous. Or even something that you may feel is simple. When you are called you are not alone, He is with you every step of the way. Sometimes God does not call us to a place but a process.


Thank you mom and dad FrancesDennis Bellew for choosing to follow Christ’s calling on your lives even though many times it was tough! What once was solely the caribbean, God has broadened the field of your service to Him to reach the lost in other parts of the world that you never imagined. And thank you for sharing our Haiti family prayer card with me this morning.”