Back on U.S. Soil

The Humbly I Serve team has safely arrived back to the States. Here is a quick run down of our time spent on the mission field the past few weeks. The Humbly I Serve team first traveled to Tuna Puna, Trinidad where we teamed up with several missionaries to run a week long childrens program at Amazing Grace Baptist Church. Through visitation and word of mouth the amount of children attending nearly doubled. The children and teens that attended were excited to play games, sing, and learn more about God. We were thrilled to have such a large crowd show up and to have so many youth and parents volunteer their time. The final night was salvation night, and the craft was salvation bracelets. Over 80 children participated that night, and 12 children dedicated their lives to Christ. All of the coin offering collected went to help local missionaries.

Once we reached St. Thomas, the team was able to spend the first day at Botany Bay with the youth group from Grace Baptist Church. The youth played a crucial part in the week long ministry program. Several youth helped by being “crew leaders” and running registration. We had a successful week of introducing new songs, games, and Bible stories to the children. Over 70 children attended by the last night, and we were excited to give an iPod filled with christian songs to the child who brought the most visitors. 2 children were saved, and about half of the children that attended the program came to Sunday school the following week. We were also able to supply Grace with resources for more crafts, games and decorations to use in the future. All of the coin collection (over $400) from the week was able to help a local orphanage.